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Rankings Tanking

Oh ESPN, what have you done?…Again! Another year, another player rankings list, and another debacle. Hak and Ken discuss the infamous “list”, some team drama and a sensitive topic at the forefront of society, vaccinations. The coming season could become very interesting with how the NBA handles the vaccination issue. Tune in to hear the fellas break it all down.


Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves

The boys are back! Hak and Ken step back to the scene with a 4-Mile guest, Matt, and the conversation is centered around stereotypes and trash-talk. It’s story time, a little sweet, a little bitter, but all in good fun because the trash talk was flying between Ken and Matt taking jabs at each other. Is there a potential 1-on-1 game between them? Will Matt bring Ken out of retirement?! Time shall tell, but we can only hope.


It’s Raining $$$

Between the draft, free agency, and other happenings, A LOT of money was moved around within the NBA circle. Some notable players doubled down in their respective locations while others made a move for greener pastures or a change of scenery. But either way, pretty much everyone secured a piece of the pie and took home their share of the bag. Hak and Ken analyze and try to digest it all. Strap in, this one gets deep!


Is It Giannis Time?

This unique 2020-2021 NBA season is nearing its close.  With Giannis and crew so close to tasting that first championship, they must show up in Games 5 & 6.  Is this Giannis's time? Will he get that elusive first chip?  Plus we break down how the NBA coaching cycle looks vastly different than the NFL, Olympics drama and more notably NBA stories!


For All The Marbles

The finals have been entertaining and full of epic performances! Down 0-2, Giannis and the Bucks came home to give the fans a treat. They took game 3 with an astounding win over the Suns and Giannis had a game for the ages! Coming back from a season-like-ending injury to put up historic performances is truly fitting of the moniker, “Greek Freak”! Hak & Ken discuss the USA team debacle against Nigeria and a touchy race issue amongst the media and the women.


So Close Yet So Far

The Suns have emphatically punched their ticket to the NBA Finals as the western Conference Finals champs! CP3 has finally made it to the grandest stage and if it wasn’t already clear, Devin Booker has proven he’s the future alongside a talented big in Ayton. Now we await the victor of the Eastern Conference Finals. With the series tied at 2 apiece, and with both stars nursing injuries, anything can happen. Hak and Ken discuss the conference finals and much more on and off the court.


Are We There Yet?

The conference finals are upon us! Just one more step to go but before that, 4 new teams have to prove themselves worthy. With new faces in not so familiar places, will they rise to the occasion or fold under the pressure? Hak and Ken team up to discuss what went down as we enter the conference finals. Ken is super HYPE as his Hawks are in a prime position to further prove the doubters wrong and make even more history. As an ATL fan, the struggle is real and these moments cannot be taken for granted!


No Data, Just Numbers (Pt. 3)

After a long time, we’re finally going to have a new champ who has either never hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy or hasn’t done so anytime in recent memory. This fresh new array of teams has given the league a breath of fresh air. Underdogs have risen and are on a mission to prove their doubters wrong. Hak, Tej and Ken (back in the starting lineup) get together to wrap up and close out the numbers debate. And it gets interesting when the data guy (Ken) puts things back into perspective.


No Data, Just Numbers (Pt. 2)

So much drama! So many amazing storylines! With a decade old era of dominance coming to a close, the playoffs have brought forth a new era of competition and a new wave of talent has emerged ready to make its mark. Legendary organizations are turning a new chapter, however, (comma) was The Bubble a FRAUD?! And fans are STILL acting a fool! With Ken still on the DNP list, Tej has graciously stepped in to hold it down with Hak to continue discussing some more of the greatest numbers.


No Data, Just Numbers (Pt. 1)

The playoffs are in full swing and teams have come out swinging. Some are trekking the course as expected and some are challenging the status quo. With the return of the fans in the stadiums, a number of cases have risen pertaining to the disrespect of players and their families. Has fandom gone too far? The players and NBA have responded! Ken is on the DNP list (again!) this week, so Tej has returned to hold it down with Hak in true RBA fashion and discuss a controversial topic surrounding some of the greatest numbers.

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